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Product Description

Kamikaze Window Coat

Brand new for 2023, the Kamikaze Collection has introduced Kamikaze Window Coat, a product which has exceeded the expectations of its own development team!

With a revolutionary high-molecular weight silicone base it forms a luxurious film of protection and hydrophobic performance by reducing surface resistance to a level not seen before.

Kamikaze Window Coat Features

  • New formulation for 2023
  • Exceedingly water-repellent
  • Substantially resistant to wiper judder/chatter
  • Up to 12 months protection


  1. Clean your windows with a glass cleaner like Kamikaze Collection’s Glass Cleaner
  2. If applying in colder temperatures, warm windshield by using defroster.
  3. Use enclosed applicator for best results.
  4. Apply a few drops to applicator pad.
  5. Apply to glass liberally; you should see “bubbles”. Apply in straight line motions, then go around edges.
  6. Go back over the glass a second time without adding product to applicator; use a quicker arm movement. At this point, the coating should start to look cloudy.
  7. Go over a third time in the same manner as the second.
  8. You may let it set for 5 minutes before wipe-off, or even up to one hour.
  9. Remove residue with a clean, dry cloth, removing in circular motions.
  10. Keep glass dry for 3 hours after application.

Size: 30ml


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