Kamikaze Collection Anti-Aging Ion Water

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Kamikaze Collection Anti-Aging Ion Water

It’s more than just water!

With the enclosed Ion Generator (you’ll feel it in the bottle while shaking it) Kamikaze Collection’s Anti-Aging Ion Water is a weak alkaline solution which helps control the static electricity that can be so unwelcome during some detailing tasks. The antifouling properties of the resulting surface are also enhanced by this reduction in unwanted static electricity.

Particularly useful in wax, sealant and coating removal operations where a damp towel is recommended, it can also prove beneficial during polishing operations by reducing some of the troublesome byproducts of those tasks. With physical properties as close to water as possible, the need for prep sprays, quick detailers or other ‘non-pure’ solutions is reduced in areas where the integrity of the primary products being utilized is paramount.

Contents: 300ml


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