Amazing Detailing From The Far East.


The Japanese auto industry were the pioneers in glass coating business, and KAMIKAZE represents the most innovative, and highest level of technologies available from Japan.

When you chose KAMIKAZE coating and maintenance products for your vehicles, you can be assured that you are receiving the latest and greatest Japanese technologies that have been developed and tested in collaboration with some of the best, and most knowledgeable master detailers worldwide.

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KAMIKAZE Products.

With KAMIKAZE products, you are receiving cutting edge technologies that were developed behind a theory of an anti-aging system of paint protection.

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Amazing Detailing From The Far East.
Hand-Made in Japan!

Started in 2013 created by Kai Morita who strongly believing in no hype industry, developing and testing products to the highest quality. Directly from Japan not fancy marketing deals.

"Success is the only cannot accept failure!"

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