Kamikaze Collection Beast Backing Plate

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Kamikaze Collection Beast Backing Plate

The Kamikaze BEAST 5″ backing plate for the Rupes LHR12, LHR15 Mark II/III and LHR21 Mark II/III provides the ultimate in performance, precision, balance, and smoothness!

Machined from billet aluminum to meet exact weight requirements, the BEAST backing plate is also black anodized for for a finish to match the level of performance that it provides. The key to the BEAST’S unmatched performance is its precision weight, which provides a level of balance and smooth operation that simply cannot be achieved otherwise. And since the design spaces the backing plate away from the LHR12, LHR15 Mk II/III, and LHR21 Mk II/III’s anti-spin shroud, you also gain speed and free-spin orbits.

Another great feature is that the plate is shorter than the factory unit, which lowers the center of gravity, and gets you closer to the polishing surface.

Benefits of the Kamikaze BEAST 5″ backing plate:

  • More torque
  • Smoother operation
  • Faster speed
  • Better balance

NOTE: This backing plate is designed only for the LHR12 Duetto, LHR15 Mark II/III, and LHR21 Mark II/III, but not the LHR15ES/LHR21ES. While it will fit, the balance will be off, and you will not achieve the highest level of performance.


Material: A6061 grade aluminum
Treatment: Matte black anodizing + laser-cut logo


  • Weight: 0.5 lb

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