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Kamikaze Collection Over Coat Sealant 5.0

Crazy slickness and gloss. Never seen white look this good!” – Todd Cooperider after applying to his 70th Anniversary Corvette

Combining elements found in their ISM and Over Coat Liquid products to create a luxurious new version of their beloved sealant, Kamikaze-Collection’s Over Coat Sealant v5 arrives dripping with gloss and alluringly slick to the touch. Enhanced through the incorporation of carbon nanotubes to  provide anti-fouling and anti-static behavior, you may enjoy Over Coat Sealant v5 as either a stand-alone product or as an compliment to a base layer of Kamikaze Collection’s Miyabi Coat 2.0 coating. For the ultimate in both look & feel, prepare the surface before application with Anti-Aging Cleansing No 5.


  • Prepare the surface with Kamikaze Collection’s Anti-Aging Cleansing No 5
  • If applying on top of Miyabi Coat, wait about 1-2 hrs between Miyabi application and Over Coat Sealant application.
  • One coat is good, 2 is even better. Wait 1 hour between coats.
  • Apply to the entire car, then start the removal process.
  • Apply in small circular motions one direction, and remove in large circular motions the opposite direction.
  • Spray a very fine mist of Kamikaze Collection’s Anti-Aging Ion Water and buff off with a fresh microfiber towel as a final step for best results.
    * A little bit goes a long, long way, so spread the product as thinly and evenly as possible! Do not use too much otherwise hazing can occur after a few days.

Version: 5.0

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