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Kamikaze Collection Mobile Bucket

A 10 Liter/2.6 gallon collapsible bucket, the Kamikaze Collection Mobile Bucket has been described by Kamikaze Collection founder Kai Morita as “The coolest looking folding bucket ever!” Arising from his own experiences forgetting wash buckets while traveling, you can easily store one or two of these in your car for those times when nothing but a bucket will do!

Unusually large for a ‘mobile-bucket’ it becomes handy on the road when washing facilities & resources¬† can be slightly less than ideal. Grab a pair for that proper “2-Bucket Wash” experience wherever you may go!


  • Height: Approx. 5cm when folded, 27cm when in use
  • Diameter: approx. 24cm
  • Material: Nylon (water repellent outside & waterproof inside)



  • Weight: 1 lb

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