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Kamikaze Collection Leather Coat

With a ceramic inorganic film composition w/ leather-like flexibility built in, Kamikaze Collection Leather Coat allows for protection from organic staining such as those due to denim and other clothing fabrics. Also resistant to dirt and grime, Kamikaze Collection Leather Coat provides a sacrificial barrier to to help preserve the original look and feel of your leather.

The beautiful surface of your original leather is preserved without overly glossy side-effects. Not just for automotive leather, the coating will help protect any other fine leather products as well!

Directions for use:

  1. Clean the leather surface to be coated with a leather cleaner such as Gyeon Q2M Leather Cleaner Mild and the Gyeon Q2M Leather Brush
  2. Check the surface for missing spots and make sure it is dry before applying the coating.
  3. Apply an appropriate amount to the applicator and apply evenly. The Autofiber Coating Saver Microfiber Finger Mitt is also a great choice for application!
  4. Apply in a linear motion as much possible. Applying in a zigzag or circular motion causes unevenness in the coating.
  5. Wipe down excess with a microfiber towel after 2-3 minutes; a Edgeless 300 Towel works well in this capacity.

Note: Avoid contact with water or moisture for 3 hours after application.

Contents: 30ml 


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