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Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Cleansing (aka #5)

“When I saw this demonstrated during a visit to the Kamikaze Collection’s headquarters in Japan, I immediately knew that this was a product that the industry has been begging for. Then when I returned to the U.S. and tested it on my own car, I couldn’t believe just how effective it was to strip even a fresh layer of protection. For anybody working with waxes, sealants, and coating-maintenance products, this is an absolute must-have!” – Todd Cooperider

So you need to strip protective products off of the painted surfaces of your car to apply new, but don’t want to go through the arduous task of machine polishing? Regular panel wipe/prep products not strong enough to get the job done? If that’s the case, the all-new and industry-first solution for safely stripping the surface by hand is here from the innovative labs of Kamikaze Collection!

A pH-neutral cleanser designed to safely & gently remove waxes, sealants and water-based emulsion coatings (such as ceramic coating maintenance products), Kamikaze Collection’s revolutionary deep-cleaning formula ‘resets’ your finish to its purest condition without the need for aggressive high/low pH ‘strip washes’.

Utilizing an ultra-fine polishing formulation, Anti-Aging Cleansing will quickly & easily prepare your paint for a new application of your preferred wax, sealant or ceramic coating. Used as a prelude to a fresh application of a wax, sealant or coating or as a deep refresher to an existing ceramic coating, Anti-Aging Cleansing will safely provide the perfect foundation necessary for optimizing the ultimate looks and protection for your finish. Creating a sharp reflection after treatment, a “lightly polished” look to the paint film that cannot be achieved with standard stain removal or oil removal processes, it combines form and function into a single, easy to use and SAFE process.


  • Removal of wax, sealants, coating-maintenance products, and water-based emulsion coatings.
  • Safe removal of minor water spots, water stains, and oil
  • Improvement of the reflection of the painted surface and smoothing of the surface of the paint film.
  • Fully preps the surface for fresh coating, wax, sealants, or other protective products.


  • Wash the car thoroughly before use, using a shampoo like Kamikaze Collection’s KMKZ Shampoo
  • Wet each panel before applying.
  • Using 1-2 pumps on a damp Kamikaze Collection Mini d’Elegance Mitt, apply to one panel at a time using light pressure. Apply in straight line motions side to side, then straight line motions up & down (cross-hatch pattern).
  • Once the surface is covered with the solution, rinse thoroughly with water. If you have a durable product on the surface, and there’s still a lot of water repellency when rinsing, then repeat the process on that panel. In most cases, one application should be all you need.
  • Continue panel-by panel until the entire vehicle is complete.

*Note: Protective products will have varying degrees of resiliency, multiple applications may be required to remove more durable protectants.


  • Wash vehicle thoroughly before using Anti-Aging Cleansing
  • Do not use in direct sunlight; use only on cool panels
  • Do not let product dry on surface
  • Use only on painted surfaces

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