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Kamikaze Collection Film Surface Coat

KAMIKAZE Collection has always been at the forefront of the durable coating industry, and they continue that tradition with the latest version of their coating designed specifically for use with paint protection film (aka: PPF, Clear Bra).

A proven ceramic base with a fluorine additive, Film Surface Coat provides a slick surface and the extraordinary water behavior that Kamikaze coatings have always been known for!

And also typical with KAMIKAZE Collection coatings, the new Film Surface Coat is extremely easy to use. After application, you will find that the Surface Film Coat leaves a ridiculously slick finish! Expected durability is 18-24 months.


  1.  Shake bottle
  2.  Apply a small amount of Film Surface Coat onto an applicator cloth/block…enough for even coverage.
  3.  Apply to the surface in straight lines only (do not cross-hatch) with a little overlap to ensure even coverage to the surface.
  4.  Using a 2-towel method (one designated for the initial wipe, the second to do the final wipe), gently remove the coating residue using small, circular motions after 2-3 minutes (1panel at a time). Humidity levels and ambient temperature will have an effect on curing time, so the higher the temperature and humidity, the shorter the amount of time between application and removal.
  5. After applying to the entire vehicle, be sure to look carefully for “high spots”, or darker patches where the coating wasn’t fully removed. Wipe these down right away, otherwise they will require machine polishing to remove if allowed to cure overnight.
  6.  Do not allow the vehicle to get wet for at least 24 hours (the longer, the better), and don’t wash vehicle for 1 week.

Contents: 30ml; includes applicator block and applicator cloths

Recommended application conditions: 60-75 degrees F,  40-70% Humidity


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