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Kamikaze Collection

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Kamikaze Collection The d’Elegance Wash

A member of the KIKUSUI Label collection, Kamikaze Collection d’Elegance Wash creates a luxuriously wonderful wash experience, bathing the vehicle in a fine, dense foam that gently and effectively cleanses the finish. Infused with a wonderfully clean aroma, this is a product tailor-made for those who have a true passion for washing their vehicle and savor becoming lost in the sheer joy of doing so. 


  • Very fine, dense foam that clings to surfaces
  • Wonderfully pure & fresh aroma
  • Softer contact, superior slickness

Directions for use:

  • Shake product well before use
  • Use 1-2oz in a 5 gallon bucket
  • Agitate with a strong stream of fill water to create foaming
  • Let rest for 2 or 3 minutes to form the ideal fine, light foam!
  • Enjoy!

Contents: 300ml

For your beloved car: The KIKUSUI LABEL is a new label designed to be used for Kamikaze-Collection-certified detailers and exclusive Concours d’Elegance detailers from all over the world. ‘Kikusui’ is an ancient Japanese word that also refers to chrysanthemums floating on the surface of water, and is based on a uniquely Japanese aesthetic sensibility.


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