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Kamikaze Collection The d’Elegance Coat – Raizen

“The Ecstasy of Gloss”

A member of the KIKUSUI Label collection, Kamikaze Collection d’Elegance Coat is an easy to use spray wax that leaves a stunningly high gloss finish with each use. Suitable to be used as a stand-alone finish or as a compliment to a wax or sealant, d’Elegance Coat leaves an appearance that is both transparent and highly reflective. The look and feel of the finish as well as the water behavior will be that of a high-end carnauba wax. This is a product developed specifically to provide overwhelming beauty for your beloved vehicle!


  • Shake well
  • Work on a single panel at a time
  • Spritz a small amount onto a soft microfiber towel or onto the surface of your paintwork
  • Lightly work product onto surface
  • Immediately buff off any residue with a second microfiber towel

Contents: 300ml

For your beloved car: The KIKUSUI LABEL is a new label designed to be used for Kamikaze-Collection-certified detailers and exclusive Concours d’Elegance detailers from all over the world. ‘Kikusui’ is an ancient Japanese word that also refers to chrysanthemums floating on the surface of water, and is based on a uniquely Japanese aesthetic sensibility.


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